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The Antwon Rose II Foundation was created by his mother in memory of his life, the mission of the foundation is to provide youth the opportunity to participate in educational, athletic, and social activities that normally may not be afforded to them.

Antwon was blessed and fortunate enough to have many life experiences that a lot of youth within local communities do not have access to because of limited economic resources and/or a support system.
The Antwon Rose II Foundation's mission is to provide community activities, field trips, tutoring, events with influential guest speakers, and several other opportunities that oftentimes are not offered to youth within local communities. The Antwon Rose II Foundation will not only include local kids from the community but will be open to anyone who is in need of the resources in which the foundation is providing.

A huge reason for the incorporation of the Foundation is because if Antwon with all of his skills, talents, education, life experiences, and travels couldn’t make it out then we know that there is a crisis in our community that needs to be addressed and changed. In addition, the mission of the Antwon Rose II Foundation is to offer emotional support and support groups to other families experiencing the loss of loved ones. 

Preparing Children from Financially Struggling Families for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Our Mission

Our Mission

To prepare the kids to not only maintain a sustainable lifestyle as well as connect them with opportunities to help them remain productive members of society. 

AR II WEBSITE (by Emmai Alaquiva) - 5_we

Celebrating Antwon

The mission is to share the life of Antwon Rose II and ensure that his life and legacy is never forgotten!

We Need Your Support Today!

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